Content Policy

A few things:

Copyrighted Content:

If you request work to be done that contains someone else's intellectual property, you hereby declare, in the strictest legal standard, that you have permission to use such content and take full legal responsibility for such content and the resulting content. I cannot check up every single person's entire portfolio to make sure their work is above board or nothing will get done (some companies don't even respond and some take over a month to respond). You hold Panther Dynamics and anyone associated with it completely harmless for any damages or losses incurred as a result of your use or third party content (including the resulting content) as part of Panther Dynamics' services or people associated.

Publishing Rights:

By partaking in any service here, you give me a royalty-free license to use, without any form of compensation, any and all parts of content submitted created for you (including third party content in such work) in any way shape or form for the sake of a demo reel or any such marketing content for Panther Dynamics or anyone associated with the content created.