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4 Seasons - Spring and Summer

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Monday, August 19, 2013 Under: General
Hey all!

As you all know, sometimes weeks go by without me uploading any new pieces. Many times, I am actually quite active on work in that time and here is a post to show you some pieces I've been working on.

Everyone is familiar with Vivaldi's 4 seasons. I found on Wikipedia, that there are some sonnets that accompany every movement. I do not believe that Vivaldi wrote them, as there is a reference to Bacchus. If he did, that's between him and GOD, but I don't agree with it. Thankfully, there is enough in these sonnets to not have to include that in these images.

Anyway, back on point, lol. These are the images I have been enabled to put together and I hope you enjoy them!

Spring - Movement 1
In order to make this one, I had to go for the animation route. Initially I wondered why GOD lead me that way and while it rendered, HE showed me that if you have a whole sequence, you are much more likely to find a frame that will work the best. Here is the sequence (ogg, as always).

Spring - Movement 2
I was not thrilled about having to make a human figure, lol. The dog, wasn't so bad, but anyone who works in 3D will be able to tell you that most artists struggle with the complexities of the human shape. Especially the face. In this image, I was blessed enough to have him turn away from the camera and still look right. It's ironic, even the goats, very low-poly as they are, turned out to be a lot easier, lol.

The trees were a big problem. In movement 1, I used very low-poly trees that worked very well for an African veld-like area. But when you got up close, oh snap! Lol, terrible! These came out a whole lot better than expected.

Spring - Movement 3
This is a very simple adaptation on the second movement. I only moved and titled the camera a bit. Possibly moved the sun a bit as well, but I don't recall. Either way, this was possibly one of the quickest images in the series so far!

Summer - Movement 1
This one came with quite a few challenges. One of which was that I had to fold open the goatherd, lol. I originally modelled him directly in the sitting position and it worked really well, but due to that, I had to adjust the mesh a bit and make his legs longer from his feet-on-up. He basically had no legs, just feet, haha. Worked in the 1st image! Here, his feet may be hidden, but I couldn't take the risk, hoping the grass would be long enough. You'll see later that they were needed!
   Overall, I am happy with the unfolding, haha.
The clouds presented another problem. Since this was a very stylistic approach, volumetric clouds were not gonna work here. I had to use mesh clouds and soften them up. Turned out great, imo!

Summer - Movement 2
This one was possibly the most fun, in terms of modelling. I had never modeled a fly before, and this one was quite cartoony. Very very low poly, due to the number needed, it really turned out well. The only difference here is that I only modeled one kind of fly. The sonnet talks about flies and gnats. A gnat is like a sporty, more streamlined fly, lol. As there are so many in the image, they are not missed and may have ended up being excess too.

Summer - Movement 3
Not only my personal favorite movement, but also my fav image out of the bunch! The lightning was very difficult to make as bright as it is. Most people would think to use indirect lighting, which I tried, but it didn't work. I tried making the clouds cast no shadow, that didn't work. I finally ended up adding 5 or 6 point lamps and lining them top to bottom in a straight line, to produce the light from the bolt and as you can see above, the shading and overall look, just works. Fantastic idea! Thank YOU JESUS!
   You can also see in this image that his feet needed to be added. Those two extra thick black lines are where his feet are at. Don't you think it would've looked very odd without those two lines there, as though he were hovering, lol.

Anywho, I still have 5 to go, but more on those later!

Have a fantastic day!

Thank YOU!!!!!!

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