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Another Cycles tip!

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Under: General
Hey all!

HE had me try something today and, to be honest with you, I really didn't think it was gonna work, lol. You know that when you view your scene in rendered view, you see a live render of your objects and so on, as you would in solid view, only more polished.
Now, following that principle it had originally, I thought that when you render (by pressing F12), it would follow the same pattern, but that is not the case. To speed up rendering (or at least I think it speeds it up), they added tiled rendering. What that means is, the render engine builds your image in sections. Finishing one and then starting with the next and so on, until it spirals out into a completed image.
For my current project (the Cycles section cover page), I really needed the Rendered View method, because of the lighting conditions. So HE told me to just set the tiles to 1 horizontal and 1 vertical, 1x1 tiles (the 's' here is grammatically correct).
When I hit F12, it was a moment of silence as I waited to see the first of the image and there it was.

It has been rendering for over 9 and a half hours, so it has gotten pretty far. However, due to the amount of passes light needs, it is still at 837 passes, taking about 40 seconds or so per pass (at least I think that's what the 'Time' section means). I need it to do around 60000 passes for a proper image. Without caustic light, it would've been finished already, lol.

My PC has not been dedicated to rendering only today. As I am still working on the book, work there has to continue as well as other stuff, so here is a bonus Windows tip.
When you want a program to use less resources (or to demand less resources), just go into the task manager, find it in Processes and there you right-click on the app, and set it's priority to low. While render time may be extended, it most certainly helps me continue work.
Remember though, that all tips and hints given are used at own risk.

To see what I am making, you'll just have to wait and pray it works.

Have a great one!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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