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Blender Guru Competition Entry - Photo Realism

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 Under: Blender Guru Competitions
What a piece of work!! I really pushed my PC for the max on this one. It was tough to say the least.

For about 3 weeks, I worked on almost this project only (aside from helping my parents out and my brother with their design requests). It was a huge undertaking to model so many things for just one scene, but I learned a lot from Andrew's tutorials and while writing the book on procedural textures (still in progress), HE really showed me a lot of things I could do to get even very complex textures right and done with procedural textures.

For example, the knots in the wood. That I didn't know until HE helped me do it. I didn't know how to create a wooden floor with planks until HE showed me and helped bring out ngons for Blender (it's possible without ngons, but much easier with). I am very excited to show you this entry as well as finishing the book, because I know it will surprise a lot of people on what they can actually achieve with what they already have!!

Back to the entry though. This was such a rough pull on my PC that I couldn't use the render layers for the final compositing. It would allow for a few effects, but as soon as I started with lens distortion and wanting to add dispersion etc., it wouldn't have it and would crash. After a render of between 4 and 10 hours, an error report is not something you wanna see, lol. So HE told me to work with the flat image and composite with that (I thought HE still wanted me to use the depth of the render layers), but that fell apart as well, until I used only the flat image to composite. And it worked beautifully! Although I don't have DOF (depth of field) in the scene, it's really not needed, because everything really should be in focus (except for the edges where the dispersion is).

Here is the image and the accompanying e-mail I sent when I submitted it:

(Full HD, to see full size, just right-click and choose whatever your browser would use to view the image in isolation at full resolution)

"_ Aim:
   For this one I have two questions I want the viewers to ask:
 - 1) Where is everyone?
 - 2) Was it the rapture? (the crosses in the scene hint at that)

_ Message:
The second question is more focused on Believers, yes, but it is a very important topic that the church doesn't really tackle, even now, and so I'm using whatever avenue HE allows me, to express some part of "Always be ready" and "it could happen at any time". This was just shown me, that it could've even been timed for way back then, so that also adds to the "it could happen at any time" theme.

In addition to the importance, I also wanted to add how incredible procedural textures and texture painting is when used together. Everything in the scene is done with procedural textures and there's only texture painting on the fireplace to add the black soot to the fireplace's inside and part of the front. To add the long lines, I used a cloud texture.

_ What was used:
I used only Blender Render and pushed my PC to it's absolute max. It was so much that I couldn't composite with the render layers (there's supposed to be smoke in the fireplace to soften it up). I worked with the final overall render and put that into Blender and composited with that. It meant I could still add most of the effects I wanted in the scene, but it also meant that I couldn't get DOF. Oh well.
So this project was pure Blender all the way. No third part textures, no post processing in anything other than Blender itself. You could call this a hardcore original piece of work, lol.
 - Thankfully HE showed me how to add knots to wood using procedural textures, which does make the wood a whole lot more convincing and that only just before the competition:
(didn't use that material or textures though, redid them for the competition).
 - The rendering took between 4 and 10 hours; unsure, because I started the render at around 16:00 and it would finish sometime during the night.

_ Thanx:
These competitions really does push us to learn all we can and get better quicker. My entries have definitely grown over the passed few months:

Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it!
All the best for the judging!"

Thank YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!

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