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Camera object

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Monday, November 18, 2013 Under: Quick Blog Tutorial
Good day there everyone!

Coming at you with another QBT. This one, is also on the Game Engine, but specifically, how to you make the camera follow a character, car, etc.

This is so simple, you're gonna luv it!

On your game-play scene, where the game takes place (haha), add to the camera there a setup like this:
Always > And > Camera

The Camera Actuator looks like this:
Nice and big, haha

- The Camera object, is what it will focus on (remember, you have to be in the camera view in order for this to work visually).
- The height is how high above the camera is above the object. In other words, do you see the top of your character, or only it's backside.
- Axis is very simple. It is simply for how the camera will follow the character. Absolutely logical if you consider that characters move in the X and Y axes (forward and backwards, turning, etc). It's, from my limited understanding, based on the character's local X and Y axes so it doesn't matter if the character jumps or whatever; the camera sticks to the object. Just try them all until you find whichever works the best for you.
- Min is the absolute minimum distance the camera is allowed to go to the object
- Max is the absolute maximum distance the camera is allowed to go from the object
- Damping is my fav of this one, because it determines how fast the camera reacts to character movement. So, if you want absolute, immediate action, rather parent the camera to the character. If you want that smidge of an adjustment delay, like on car games, I suggest a dampening value of around 0.8. It works really well!

And, that's it for this quick tutorial. Hope you enjoyed it and remember to share it!!

Have a great day y'all!!

Thank YOU!!!!

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