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Dat Vector Blur

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Under: Quick Blog Tutorial
Hey all!

What is Vector Blur? Simply stated, it is quick way of adding motion blur to your Blender projects. When you move your arm quickly, you basically only see a blur, you don't see the pores, fine hairs, watch (if you wear one) etc. If you do see those details (in a video), it is because there is no motion blur. It behaves like a single high-speed photograph.

Back on point though, I was given the idea for this one while working on the tutorial from the other day; the one on camera shaking. I noticed something very odd and was given the solution on how to fix it and now you will know too.

Look at how vb (Vector Blur) responds on a default plane, when made large and is laid flat:

Now, this is how it is supposed to look, as a large flat surface, moving:

Question: What is the difference?
Answer: Physical detail on the object, or vertex count if you will.

It doesn't take a huge amount of added detail to get a better vb, plus, it's still a lot faster than the sampled motion blur.

Here's how you apply a vb in the first place:
- Render layer settings > Passes > Vector needs to be checked
- Render a single frame of the animation (a fast one with fairly quick motion)
- Go into the node editor, click in the menu the little photo-like icon to switch to compositing
- Tick: Use nodes, Backdrop and Free unused
- You'll see a Render Layer node as well as a Composite node
- Hover the mouse anywhere in the Node Editor and press Shift+A to add another node - Go to Filter > Vector Blur
- Now you simply connect the colors to the colors:
 > Image to image
 > Z to Z
 > Speed to Speed
- Add another node, same as before, but this time a Viewer node from the Output category so we can see the result.
- Connect the output from the Vector Blur node to both the Composite node and the Viewer Node

And that's basically it. You now have vb applied.

Compositing tips:
> If you do want various other effects, use the Vector Blur node's output as your default image input, because the blur will mess up your effects if you add it last.
> If you want to add mist with the Z-pass, use the Vector Blur node (same settings as the other) on it first, before using it as a Factor influence.
> Always check the result. If it's to harsh or rough, increase the samples. If find that 64 samples is usually a solid look, but not during compositing set-up. When compositing, set this node's settings to be as close to 0 as possible, or you'll waste a significant amount of time waiting for a result every time. Vector blur is a last priority (worked on last) that simply gets inserted first (because it affects everything after).

How to fix the excessive blurring? Just subdivide your shape.
You can do this:
 > with the Subdivision Surface modifier and applying it or
 > by going into edit mode, selecting everything (A), going to the tool panel on the left of the 3DView and pressing Subdivide there.

And that's it! Hope you find his insightful and helpful! Remember to share share share these tips!
Have a great weekend!

Thank YOU!!!!!!

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