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First full render

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Monday, November 12, 2012 Under: wip
Hey all!

Happy to share this one with you!
It is only rendered at 50 samples, which isn't much, but apparently more than enough for this scene, so yey! Here's the render, followed by things that need to change:

 - Currently, there is no focal point, because everything is practically evenly lit. So for that I want to use light to set focus on the ruin itself.
 - The texturing is a problem, because sometimes Cycles renders it right, sometimes it doesn't (bug they need to fix). So the goal is not to get too complex in the future, until this is fixed. It may look fine, but those black spots on the bricks, shouldn't be there.
 - The ground is still too square, so it needs one more subdivision and it definitely needs better texturing. Hopefully so well that I don't need the grass particles (I need 1000000 at least to give the result I am looking for, and this after cutting out the excess)
 - The trees are far too clean (need to add some filth and algae, or whatever you call it, to them)
 - The trees' texture also needs to be shrunk down and the background trees need light on them too (those that are textured onto the world)
 - The leaves on the trees are too big and there is way too little foliage closer to the ground level. Possibly add more bushed and texture them as grass or something.

Going to have to pray about the above and see what needs to change and if some of these need to change, but we'll see what we get at the end. Currently, I do see a need to back this up before continuing, because even this render was touch and go and took what felt like 4-5 hours to render (full render was FullHD, because I had hoped it's completed, lol). Could be more, could be less.

Looking forward to finishing this project!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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