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Flag tutorial

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, July 12, 2012 Under: Tutorials
I know there are a few out there that show you how to do a flag with procedural textures, but I wanted to take it a step further and do the whole flag (including the side with the rope and two holes) with procedural textures only. And this is the result:

I know as a South African citizen you may be thinking "Why in the world would he make a French flag instead", because I am learning French and it was the first flag that came to mind. After showing my brother this render, he asked me why I didn't do the SA flag, so he sort of issued me with a challenge to make it using procedural textures and although I didn't use the official shades of the colors, I did get the shape fairly close using only the Blend texture (and of course a whole bunch of transform nodes):

I plan to include both flags in the final tutorial, but the final results will vary as it is a step-by-step redo of the whole thing and this time it'll hopefully be much much better (^^,).

Oh, before I forget, these two have no cloth or soft-body simulations applied. Which is the goal of the tutorial. I found that whenever I try to do even a low poly cloth, that Blender freezes, because the info is too much to calculate (with forcefields, not so much without) and this is a way to overcome that obstacle for people who don't have the latest and the greatest (^^,).

Have a great day everyone!!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!

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