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For anime - Course sprinkler

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 Under: Tutorials
Hey everyone!

Yes! It's tutorial time again and this time we get to cover something that is rarely seen in anime (at least from what I've watched)! Sprinklers! Not just any, but those gholf course type from the 80's and 90's mixed with what we have today. I am so grateful for the result!

Without further ado, check this out:

GOD is so great!
 - Difficulty

Because sprinklers are so rare or so much a background feature, there is little to no attention given to it. I looked on image searches and I just couldn't find any... The closest I found was akin to a fan drawing and it wasn't the type of sprinkler I was looking for anyway... So, after a week or so of ultimate frustration and unsatisfactory results, GOD led me to look for similar elements. White water elements. 

So, first thing I looked for was water cannons. I also looked for garden hose, but only got one image and it wasn't the look I was going for - too clear and transparent. Fountains didn't help either... With all the searches combined, I had a fairly good idea of how water is handled in anime, both in shows and in fan art (as in art by fans of anime in general). Believe me, I'm certainly no expert on the topic, but I was finally pleased with the result! And to show a little of that journey, I added some examples (and sound) to the end of the tutorial. No, that's not permission to use the sound. I just show you how to make the sprinklers. You're gonna have to make the sound yourself - see next section.

 - Sound

Sprinkler sounds from back then are very similar to what we have today. Speed is the main thing. I first tried the wood block instrument from the default MIDI instrument set, but that sound to sharp. I then tried the high hat, but it was a little too soft. Finally, the pedal high hat did the thing. Then it was just a case of tempo.

For the consistent spraying noise they make, white noise with some of the higher frequencies removed gets a great result.

And for the contact sound with grass and/or plants, you can use the ocean sound. All you need to do is extend it and cut out some of it using a noise gate. It'll give you that crackling sound that you can lay over the consistent spraying sound.
And finally, just layer some birds or whatever you wish over that. It works beautifully! :D

Don't forget to check out the previous tutorial on glows as well. It is really awesome and I know you're gonna love it!

GOD is so awesome!!

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I cannot thank GOD enough for helping me with this particular one. It turned out so well and I would happily use it in scenes! :D
   I trust you will too! :D

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