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Lamps in BGE

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Under: Quick Blog Tutorial
Hey all!

Today we talk about lamps in BGE. Now, for all intensive purposes, this does cover some functions of lamps, but this is about what you can accomplish with lamps in BGE.

Now, you will find that I've already done a post on making sure that you don't lose your shadow in game and this you can find here.

In games, you see the following on lamps:
 - Point Lamp, no shadow projection

 - Sun Lamp, limited shadow projection

 - Spot Lamp, shadow projection and no volume yet (hopefully the improvements on the game engine will include volume in the future)

 - Hemi Lamp, no shadow (neither in Blender Render)

 - Area Lamp, no function

But, you are not limited to using just these in static position. You can go a lot further with baking ambient occlusion, shadows and so on. These functions do work best with the static aspects of the environment. If you want motion with lights in your scene, I recommend using parenting. You can make sure an object does not give off shadows and then stick a point lamp, for example:

Note: Point Lamps don't duplicate as objects do. Only one can exist of the same name at the same time when using the Edit Object actuator.

And that's it for this one! I believe this gives you some insight into how lamps work and which lamps work and may this lead to some spectacular games!! :D

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!

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