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Make Human to chibi WIP

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, March 3, 2016 Under: wip
Hey all!

Recently, I've had someone comment on the Make Human to anime tutorial, asking how far the geometry edits can be pushed in Blender. The answer is: "Surprisingly far". Of course, this means he wants to keep the rig intact and that does mean your edits are limited, a lot more so than if you were to model and rig it yourself - one of the advantages of Make Human is that most of the work is already done.

Now, for the tutorial, I got this result:

(I still luv this result!!! :D)

For some, it is a good enough start to finish the edits themselves, but for others, well they'll never be happy, haha. Just to show you a result that can be achieved, if you are willing to spend approx 3 hours or more on a character, is this:

(Check out more on him and the Esther 6 project here)

Having said that, chibi, a sub-branch of Anime, if you will, is a lot more difficult to achieve, because it is so extremely stylized and miniaturized. I would like to do a tutorial on using Make Human to get to it, but quite frankly, I need a consistent result first, hahaha.

So this is just showing you a few shots from it's progression so far:

(Baby with a big head - and it was first attempt though, haha)

(Much better!! - Unstable build of make human after a ton of edits)

(Different angle)

(Other eye opened up - the default has one eye closed)

(Proportions of the middle adjusted)

(Arms down)

(Outfit color change and blush added to cheeks)

Personally, I think this looks more like a little girl atm, than a full grown woman in a chibi style. That means, there is still work to be done! I am super thankful to GOD for getting me this far already! It has been insanely difficult and it can still be much better. Pray for this! :D

Just to show you as to how much editing you need to do in Blender:


Hahaha, almost seems insurmountable, but with proportional editing, it really doesn't take all that long! This character, from Make Human to rendered image below, took about 3 hours and I answered e-mails and chatted inbetween. It would've been shorter had I used proportional editing from the start, hahaha.

If you want to give this a shot, I have to tell you now:
 - The unstable Make Human has the sliders to get these proportions (not the stable one, so you use at own risk).
 - You can get a good result, but on making the eyes, your shapes are limited
 - You will have to flatten and round out the face around the chin and lips (lighting is also a challenge)
 - You have to deleted and bridge some geometry (Make Human's targets scrunch up around certain areas of the arms and fingers and legs and so on)
 - For the fingers and hands, rather shrink the hands more than shortening the fingers - much better for geometry and smoothness
 - Export with wisdom - do not tick the box to hide faces under clothes, or you'll lose them on export.

Those are just a few tips so far. I tell you what - it is a challenge to get even this far, hahahaha. Hopefully GOD will enable me to get this down to a quick video, so you guys will know how to and can go and make cute characters. Atm, it's still a bit more child-like, so not making any promises.

Do you know JESUS?

Have a great one and GOD bless!!!

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