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Making leather (^^,)!

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Under: Tutorials
Hey all!

Since I've made wood and snow and so on, I really felt lead to do something different for the Cycles section. While writing yesterday, it came in the form of leather. I thought it would be a relatively easy thing to do, lol, my mistake.

Anywho, I worked and worked and got nothing. I worked and worked some more and got a cave floor:

(looks more like a dry planet's surface, maybe useful in a later project c'',) )

After working some more I got sand:

(sort of looks like a field of small dunes, lol)

There is a funny story attached to this one. After finishing, I asked my mom what she thought of it (she is very artistic and also has a good eye, so a very good source for honesty) and she said:
"Now that looks like leather, or it can be dirt" Hahahaha!!
I really enjoyed that one, because I thought the same thing (I think the color also had something to do with it, but regardless of color, a good texture should still properly represent regardless of color. She wasn't being mean, but she was being honest and there are very few people that will be that honest with you. If you find someone like that, don't freak out at them if they are honest with you, they are far too few!

Following some of her advice, I made the texture displacement a bit flatter and from leading made it simpler with the complex version mixed and came up with this:

Though the color isn't configured for leather yet (at least not this kind), it looks great imo. Nothing that can't be improved of course, but very happy with the result considering it is only procedural textures and this was like the 5th attempt after starting over at least 3 times, lol, (^^,)!

Got some really exceptional help on this one, I mean, just look at the node system for this one:

Looks worse than it is, trust me on that one.

If you flip it on its side, it reminds me of the the mosque on the temple mound, the white house and the Voortrekker Monument. All have similar shapes when you give and take some of the environment.

No animals were harmed in the making of this post. At least not that I know of and I am pretty sure our seating in the living room is fake leather too.

Would really like to try this texture out on a model of an elephant or something (^^,)!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!

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