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Modifiers in the graph editor

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Monday, October 28, 2013 Under: Quick Blog Tutorial
Hey all!

First off, have a fantastic new week!
Secondly, I'm coming at ya with another QBT! Modifiers in the graph editor!

I like exclamation points, haha. Anywho, there are various uses for these modifiers, like looping a short animation sequence, like a walk cycles or editing one like making a camera shake as-if handheld, like in the examples below.

This one is of the camera animation without the modifiers:

(I added a little compositing just to enforce the camera-ness of the example)

This one is of the camera animation with the modifiers:

(with the camera-ness, I added some motion-ness (haha) too, so it gives the best suggestion of speed)

What did I do here? I simply added a noise modifier, but instead of replacing the animation, I added to it.
Very simple to do. After adding even a single keyframe, you can add a modifier to it. Of course the object will be mostly static, but it gives you flexibility.

Anyway, you do the following:
- Animate what you want to add modifiers to
- Go into the graph editor and press N, if the right side tools panel is not open
- Scroll down to it's bottom and there you'll find Modifiers
- Add a new modifier, in the case above, I added noise to every part of the animation, except it's forward motion, but in very small amounts.
- If you have set animation, you can allow it to replace the work you've done already, but you can also choose a Blend Type. You can use multiply or subtract, but in this case we want it to replace and add (just for some added variance from the original).
- Now you simply adjust the modifier parameters to fit what you want from it
- Lastly, play around with these and see what result you get.

And it is truly as simple as that. It's a lot of fun to play around with and something that is really a boost if you're doing a car chase, safari, or whatever type of video where there will be minor (or major) shaking involved.

Here you can see Andrew's take on it (note, this tutorial isn't based on his, but I learned that there are modifiers on his light blinking tip, which seems to have vanished). I haven't watched his camera tutorial until after writing this post.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day and week!!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!

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