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My world is showing a message

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, September 26, 2013 Under: Quick Blog Tutorial
Hey all!

That message is a distinct "Ooo". What does Ooo mean? Out of order, haha! There are two solutions, but first some background.

Since a few official releases ago, the world in Blender Render has gotten real squirrely for my projects and I don't know whether when it worked right it was a bug or whether they want it to do this? It'd certainly be strange if it were broken before, hahaha! I set up a basic scene to deal with this problem, which, to my surprise, wasn't a problem at all; my method of working was.

These are what it typically does:

(click to view animations; in Firefox they open in new tabs)
On these you can see that the mapping doesn't work (extreme stretching) and the coordinates don't stick.

This is what it is supposed to do:

(click to view animation)

You can see here that it responds like it should. When you move, your orientation of the world sphere changes and that means the clouds don't move with you, but go quite the opposite direction you do; if you go left, they go right, you go down, they go up, etc., visually speaking; not physically, hahaha.

There are two solutions to this problem!

A past solution was simply to attach the world mapping to a sphere in the origin, but that idea on it's own only worked for a very limited time (you'll see it in the Introduction to Procedural textures tutorial here). The idea here was to report it to the bug tracker, but I don't have an account there and don't know how it works yet (the searching that is, because as I tried the search, it is not a solid way of checking if such a bug already exists). We already have a quick solution though! And I have been given two in total and I'm gonna pass them on to y'all :D. No, I'm not southern in the US sense, I just like that word.

Solution number 1:
- Set the World to be Real Sky (I like ticking Blend Sky too for the gradient effect to the horizon)
- Set the textures you apply to the world to Global and there you go, just like the above, on what it is supposed to do!
- Unfortunately, this severely limits animation you can do from that sphere's standpoint. Textures, like the cloud texture, don't stick right.

Solution number 2:
Our world in Blender is a sphere that is basically static and tied to the camera's location (visually perceived). That means, all we need is a large sphere for most scenes (for larger scenes, you can tie the sphere to the camera's location (not rotation).

Here's how you do it:
- Open the scene you need a world in
- Make the world a color you would use for mist
- Add a sphere in the origin (0,0,0 - X,Y,Z) of an empty layer, if you have one open. Otherwise, just the quickest one to render.
- Map and adjust your sphere's material so it has not traceable attributes, doesn't cast any shadows and does not receive any shadows. That means, it has to be shadeless in all respects of the word.
- Increase the sphere's size to fit the scene as far as the camera goes (any further and it'll cut out of the scene). Now, if need be, tie it to the camera's X and Y axes with a link and re-adjust the size if needed.

   Big tips:

> When you're happy with the world, make it invisible in the 3DView and make it non-clickable. If you work on Orthographic view like me, you won't be able to see anything if it's not removed. Modelling from the camera is just not a fun task, haha.
> When your scene doesn't seem to give you softer shadows as you'd like, with higher samples on the lamp and a high soft size, set it to something ridiculous like 50,000 or even 100,000. That will give you a scope of how sensitive the setting may be for your scene's size :).

And that's pretty much all there is to it :D!

There are huge advantages to this way of mapping and working, but my personal fav remains this.

Thank YOU!!!!!!!

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