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Parental Rigging

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Friday, December 27, 2013 Under: Quick Blog Tutorial
Hey all!

Back with another QBT. Possibly the last one for the year, but we'll see what GOD decides on this.

Okay, so, if you're new to the Game Engine, but not Blender, you would've probably done rigging using the armature modifier. Unfortunately, most of the modifiers, have 0 effect or influence as soon as you press P to start the game.

I was wondering then, well how in the world do people then rig a character if you can't rig a character, until I was shown in a tutorial how to do it. It wasn't even related to the Game Engine, but was part of Oliver Villar's ( latest tutorial on rigging a leg. It's an absolutely brilliant tutorial and you can check it out below:

Having said that, the tutorial is ~45mins and this is supposed to be quick, so how do you rig for the Game Engine? Very simple, you take your mesh and you parent it to your rig (not the other way around). When you press Ctrl+P to perform the parenting, you get this drop-down:

Now, I'm no expert on rigging, but what I have learned from a fairly extensive tutorial set on Andrew Price's (Blender Guru) site is that when you have your bones and vertex groups named the same, Blender automatically ties the bone to the corresponding vertex group and yes, spelling is important. If they don't match exactly, no deform.
   To make this process a lot faster, you can simply name the bones and Armature Deform With Automatic Weights (Ctrl+P mesh to rig). When doing so, Blender takes care of the naming of the vertex groups and many times, the Automatic weights are a good starting point to polish your rig (like the leg and foot tutorial above).

And that's it for this quick tutorial. Now you can rig your characters with no problem.

Oh, just as a final tip, when you want to add an object to your game, using the edit object actuator, you add the armature, not the mesh.

Thank you for stopping by during your vacation time and I hope you had a wonderful CHRISTmas, full of celebration of JESUS's coming!
Have a fantastic new year as well, if I don't post anything until then!

Also, big thanx to all the people who do such excellent free tutorials! It's amazing to learn from you!

Thank YOU!!!!!!

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