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Particles+Collision vs BulletPhysics

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Friday, January 4, 2013 Under: General
Hey all!

Today was a bit of experimenting. The game engine has what is called Bullet Physics. It is what it needs to tell the software that this object is heavier than this one, this one is touching ground here, this is in the air over there, etc.
Now, this system is far more accurate and versatile than what is currently physics options in Blender Render or Cycles Render mode. There, the closest you get is the soft body simulator.

So, today, I wanted to find out how to bake a bullet physics animation to the outside of the game engine, because I knew it could be done (and I've seen it being done), so googled it and found a great tutorial from CG Cookie. Simply put:
go into the game engine: Blender Game. There, set up your scene and everything. When you have run it a few times (keyboard shortcut is P, btw), exit it again and click on the Game menu option and select "Record animation". Now, you run it until you are satisfied you reached the end of the simulation or setup and you then press escape. Your simulation has now been recorded (usually at 1 frame interval keyframes). You can simplify the curves add-on, but it reduces the animation's accuracy if it is fairly complex.

Anyway, here is the difference in appearance between the two:
Bullet Physics (Video)

Particles with collision (Video)

Here is the original shape, still intact:

It's an old toolbox shape with a glassy material

The conclusion is this:
 - Both systems have their charm and each has it's style
 - The particle system doesn't break it up into solid pieces; only shell pieces
 - The bullet physics system does not support already made animation for interaction
 - Both systems need work and both have flaws, however, I would still for isolated scenes and 'still lifes' if you will, prefer the bullet physics
 - For interactive explosive animation, use the particle system, because the shards can bounce off your characters and other moving objects.

The good news:
There is work ongoing to get the bullet physics system into the general workings of blender. While I have seen some pretty cool tests, I can't give you a time of completion.

Have a great one!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!

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