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Rendering out an animation as an image sequence is good!

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, September 20, 2012 Under: General
Was wondering what to post today and I believe this will be of great help to you if you are new to Blender or even been working with it a long time and need some tips.

A while ago, just after starting with Blender, I would always render out directly to video. I thought that was the best way of doing it, because I mean, after all, I wanted the final piece to be a video. Logic doesn't always apply when you are new to a program, especially not Blender.

Shortly after I was lead to Andrew Price's website. Saw a tutorial or something that he posted with some royalty-free track he didn't like and never used, but wanted to hear what the people thought about it, lol. Think it's actually related to this tip.

Anyway, there I saw a post of his that said that rendering directly to video is "bad bad bad", lol. I wondered why he so aggressive about it and I checked the post a short while after, finding out that you can render out to an image sequence and then make that sequence a video.
That initially sounds like just an extra step you don't need, but let me add this. If you render out to video, you can't decide to stop rendering now and go on doing something else and later come back and continue rendering your animation. If you do it directly to video and you stop, you have to pretty much restart your entire render (unless you have great editing software).
What also happens with image sequences is that there can sometimes be frames missed. If you un-tick "overwrite" in your output section, Blender will go and render those missing frames first and then move on to complete the rest of the animation.

There are more advantages to this method, but the most pressing is the stop now and continue later feature (especially if there is a power failure). Unfortunately, there is still not a pause-a-single-frame-render-and-continue-it-later feature (lol), but looking forward to one (^^,)!

For more on this method, you can see Andrew's tutorial here.

Have a great one!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!

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