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The 3D tutorial applies to video too

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 Under: Tutorials
Hey all!

I actually thought it was obvious that the 3D tutorial applied to video as well, but apparently I thought a little too much there, lol. A great friend of mine started asking me about it and was surprised when I mentioned it's for video as well (and this guy is more educated in PC's than I am), so if it wasn't obvious to him, it will most certainly not be obvious to most (possibly not even to Blender users), so here it is:
It works on video too; YEY!

Anyway, I have been working on a solution for the ghosting from what HE showed me was wrong with it, but so far it has proven to be extremely difficult to say the new one is better than the old one, because both have pro's and con's.

Take a look at the new method without adding softer versions of the red/cyan like I recommend in the end of the tutorial. As you can tell, it looks horrible. It is too dark and it just doesn't leave any kind of good impression (even with reduced ghosting).

Now take a look at the new method, with the softer versions of the red/cyan added to give a higher contrast in the image. The 3D effect isn't super strong, though still there. For me, this method takes some getting used to, because it focuses primarily on the eye with the red lens. The blue one lags a bit because there is so little blue onscreen after all the processing (problem with the way the Displacement Node works and I still haven't found a way around it yet).

And finally take a look at the old method from the tutorial. It clearly has a well defined depth, even with the ghosting and personally, I currently can't really choose between the new method and this one. The one has less depth, but also less ghosting and the other has better depth (imo) and more ghosting. Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other, lol.

Currently, I am really torn between the new and the old one. If I am shown a way to subtract the old from the new, without subtracting over 90% of the image, then absolutely, the ghosting can be fixed, but otherwise, it would be viewer's choice, lol...

Oh, the videos are in OGG format. That means unless you have support for it installed, you need to install this, you won't be able to view it.

Each video is in the region of 5MB and they were completely made in Blender. Not the most original animation, but very effective, nonetheless. What it is is the word Blender, turning and then breaking up in a spin. Followed by "3D" rising and extruding to and away from the camera. Very simple. Originally I just wanted the shards to float towards the camera, but that has been done to death. So has the spin thing, but I liked the way the spinning shatter looked and moved.

And no I didn't copy it from somewhere; in fact I have never seen anyone do it like mine, so if there is someone else out there who's work looks like it, it is not on purpose.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post and the videos!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!

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