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The return of the butterflies

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Under: Quick Blog Tutorial
Hey all!

Yes indeed, they are making another appearance, but this time in QBT form!
You may remember them from an earlier post, but today I used them for one purpose; particles! Check out these simple examples:

As you all know, this is what you see in BGE when you click on particles:

Not very fun to see, but, there is a way to make particles happen in BGE and it is so simple, you are going to luv it. Of course it goes broader than below, but for the sake of letting you know, I want to post an advanced user QBT, to keep it short for now.

Very basically, you do the following on your emission object:
Delay > And > Edit object

Delay: You use delay to trigger your object being added in different intervals. You definitely do not enable pulse mode on this one; it has a repeat function.

And: This can be anything. For example, if you want the particles to stop at some point, then you will need to use an expression or some other test along with the delay, to say when and when not to add objects.

Edit Object: This is where you say what object needs to be added and how long it is allowed to last. Just make sure it is set to add an object and not other stuff.

Now, in order to add something like rain, you would make an individual rain drop, or rain drops, and you would move them to a non-visible layer (otherwise you can't add them). Now, you add a plane (my shape of choice for particles) and make sure you scale it to the relative size you want your rain to be. For example, let's say my plane's scale is 2,2,2 (X,Y,Z), then the drops will take on that same scale relative to their own size.

Note: The drops or whatever, will always come in from the shape's origin.

At this current set-up your drop will not budge one inch and it is because you did not add any logic to it. You have to add some sort of motion to your droplets. Whether it is simple motion, or controlled motion, doesn't matter, it just needs motion and for particles, local motion is often times a good idea.

You will see after this step, that your plane produces a straight line and that does not bode well for a rain storm, now does it, haha. So, to make it pour over more than a single coordinate, you add an action (location and rotation) to your plane and apply it in the logic as well:
Always > And > Action

Always: True pulse mode has to be active to repeat the action indefinitely
And: Can be changed to limit motion for other uses
Action: Set to PingPong to loop the motion, covering a good area more than once per loop.

Obviously, animating something of this speed, is not something I'd recommend you do manually, at all. No, post start and end key-frames, add graph or curve modifiers; Noise to be exact and use 3DView as a reference for the speed and area it will cover.

Now, if you go into the game engine, you'll see you have rain, just like in the example above! If your rain is still to sparse, duplicate your rain object and change the phase of the noise at all levels and you'll get a denser result.

Adding other particles works in pretty much the same way, but adding volumetric simulations, like the clouds above, is a bit more complex than the above, but that's more suited to a written or video tutorial.

I hope this inspires you to go and give it a shot on various things that would require particles!
A huge thanx to those who liked and commented on the Game Engine FB Group! Hope this is something new for you all and that it enables you to go much further in your games than before!

Thank YOU GOD for telling me how to do this! I had no idea until that moment. It started with some butterflies and now it's at various other things! YOU are phenomenal!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!

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