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Toon Shading_an improvement

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Friday, April 25, 2014 Under: Quick Blog Tutorial
Hey there everyone!

Firstly, I want to say thanx to the people from the Blender Facebook group here and more precisely, here.

I found out a lot about toon shading here, though it did not produce what I wanted - it did however bring me a heck of a lot closer, haha. I would never have thought of using full oversampling nor about turn the auto ray bias off, so huge thanx there!

Though these methods are great, there are issues here. If you leave on the auto ray bias, you get this (see the collar area in the shade and the hair bend at the peak; smoothness):

(original character for a project I'm working on)

When doing toon shading, at least flat toon shading, we don't want smooth shadows, so I found out that to do that, you need to turn off Auto Ray Bias and later someone mentioned that you need to adjust it slightly to minimize the shading, but neither works in isolation. The latter produces the softness in the image above too and the former produces this:

Anyway, so after a huge amount of looking around the internet and finding no help on this, haha, I was lead to go to the world tab and look there for something different and there it was under Attentuation. The Distance setting needs to be 0 to rid your render of those last soft shadows.

So, in summary, to get a solid or flat toon shading setup, you do the following:
- Set both Specularity and Diffuse on toon shading and set both's smoothness to 0
- Turn on Full Oversampling (in Options)
- Turn off Auto Ray Bias (under Shadow)
- Turn on Receive transparent (also under Shadow)
- Turn down the samples to 1 under Gather in the World tab (keep it on Raytrace for glass and other materials that need it)
- Turn the Attenuation distance down to 0
- Turn on environment lighting to around 0.2 or whatever your scene requires (this sometimes allows you to turn of specularity)
- Use Freestyle (within it's mesh loading limits please, haha, save before you render)
- Scale your toon shaders to prevent that staircase from making it's appearance, haha. I found that values that go above 1.5 typically get the stairs, but it depends on your mesh, so adjust, turn, adjust, test, etc.

And that's it! Just to show this works with even three light sources:

(no staircase, no smooth shadows)

Here's an example of where the specularity is not needed:
(I went on memory for the ocean, but going to google I saw that my style differs quite a bit from the various styles out there, hahaha)
- White lines are Freestyle
- White tips are the Ocean Modifier's foam
- Ocean form is done with the Ocean Modifier
- Mist is multiplied and edited Z-pass on a very faded blue

For some anime tutorials, check out these pages:
 - Drawing anime on Pinterest
 - Sophie Chan's website (I can only endorse the tutorials, not the content of the novel, as I don't know it - use discretion)

I hope this helps and if you struggle with toon shading in BGE, check out my toon shading tutorial for there as well.

Thanx for stopping by!

Thank YOU!!!!!!

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