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Update on the business warrior project!

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Under: wip
Sorry I didn't update you guys on this project as often as I did the music room.

Here we go. After not being really active on this, I modeled a lot on one day (the shirt and the jacket or it was just the shirt, I don't recall). Anyway, but the next day I did the pants and posted that online, but the overall compositing didn't quite suite what I wanted the image to be like, but this is how it looked:

(Right-click > View Image for full size)

It was like the glow was just too much. I like the look of it, but because it's such a contrasted image, you depend on the lighter areas for detail and in this case it killed off detail, so I reduced the glow and added depth of field (DOF). While doing this, I learned a better way of using DOF. You tell the camera what will be the focus (whether object or distance) and then you use the Z value as your depth from which the node calculates the focus. But I would usually try to add a number manually for focus and that just does not work. If you attach a Z value from the biggest render layer in your scene, tick Z-buffer and adjust your fStop, you get a much much better result:

(Right-click > View Image for full size)

I still feel the lightning is too much and that it distracts from the scene, rather than adding to it, so for the forum thread I rendered one without the lightning, upped the darker sun and the brightness of the jacket and shirt, because everything was too dark (input from the community was very valuable):

(Right-click > View Image for full size)

And after getting the above adjusted, some suggested to add the tie on the head like Rambo, lol. I didn't think it'd look good, because people over here who tie their tie around their head usually act like crazed baboons (usually trying to be funny) and that's not really the look he was going for, but in this case it came out kinda cool, but the tie I think has to be a much darker color or a dark red:

(Right-click > View Image for full size)

My brother likes the overall look of the image, but he wants the shield changed (no surprise) and the face (no shock there either, however, he hasn't posed for pics, so, no pics, no new face). Lol, it'd be like a head transplant, hahaha!

Anyway, that's where it stands for now! If you wanna comment you can use the Contact Page (don't know if the comments feature is fixed yet), Facebook or you can use the thread.

Thank you for reading!

Thank YOU!

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