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Volumetrics in BGE

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Monday, May 12, 2014 Under: Quick Blog Tutorial
Hey all!

Yesterday, I went looking for a post I thought I had done on volumetrics in the game engine and I was shocked to see that it is nowhere to be found! Nowhere!!! I did find that I had included the volumetrics example in a different post, which you can check out here.

So, today's QBT is on, you guessed it, volumetrics in BGE! :D

Okay, so just for example's sake, go check out the post linked to above -- it'll open in a new tab or window, so you won't need to click back and reload. Also, this uses the same particle method I discuss in my particles tutorial, which can be found on this page. I say this, so we can keep this post as short as possible.

Now for the fun stuff!

As you all know, volumetrics' most common element is not lighting, but the cloud-like substances we see on things, ie dust, clouds, mist, smoke, and yes, even fire. These things all have varying methods of application, but for today, I want to show you mist from a waterfall. The movement of the waterfall is done in the same way here as plumes, just not in a circular motion.
Okay, now, in order for the mist to come out right, it will have to rise slightly, fade out and come from all around the bottom of the waterfall. That means we need a swiveling anchor for our emitter, like the theoretical tornado I talked about in the particles tutorial. It would work something like this:

(The emitter is simply parented to the anchor and the anchor gets animated - simply random rotation)

Okay, so, with this done, under your waterfall, you need to make sure you make some cloud-like images, so your volume will look right. Typically, waterfalls, from what I've seen, put out big round clouds, so I made some and set them to emit at different times (you just adjust the delay bricks of each and it gives you variety).

Remember though, for this to appear volumetric, the planes with the clouds on, have to be set as billboards in their material settings:

(from a different project, where something hits the grounds and causes dust to splash, if you will)

Remember to have smooth fade in and fade out, you need to use object color (found in Material > Options > Object Color). Check out the Colors and transparency in actions tutorial here to find out how to put object color into practice :D.

Now, for the sake of getting just the right result, your plumes need to turn and grow as they fade out. So, don't just have them use motion, but tie the transparency, scaling and rotation into a single action and also remember to mark your actions as a new data-block so they won't go missing when Blender closes.

Do take note that the time the object is added is measured as 60fps, not your frame rate you set for the animation. So, lets say your plume animation is 1 second, then it's not 25, but 60, if you set your animation rate to 25fps.

I hope this helps and that it takes your projects just that step further :D.

Have a great one!!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!

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