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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 Under: Just for fun
Hey all!!

The theme for the Make Human competition this month (October 2015) is Supernatural. Below is my entry and the post with it :D

The entry for October is called "Water". I thought it would be a clever title, because people will definitely wonder "Water?! What did he do?" haha.
This one is of JESUS walking on the water, specifically from Matthew 14. That has to be one of the coolest supernatural things HE did, apart from going to the cross on purpose.

In the initial render, I had rain, but on double checking the passage, there was no rain, just rough wind causing waves and making it hard to row. I thought it looked better with the rain, but I did want good accuracy here, so it had to go.

One thing, for example, is that as you can tell, HE doesn't look like a model, but very ordinary. That came from Isaiah 53:2b, where HE's described as:"there is no beauty that we should desire HIM."
Now, that could also be taken to be that HE was what most would term as ugly, but I can't say for sure.

For the outfit I went with something a little different than typical. I wanted to know actually if they had trousers back then and there really are some very loose fitting trousers, so I used the newer casual suit and added a flowing robe from the waste, while keeping the trousers.

For the hair, I used one of the short styles, because as far as I have read, I find nothing to say definitively that HE had long or short hair. I don't know, haha, so I went with short.

I added the beard, simply by extruding and changing the material, because there were some regulations for the Jews around how they were to be groomed and so on.

HIS eyes I made brown, but because of the distance, they are not visible here...

The ocean was done using the ocean modifier in Blender and the materials were also heavily adjusted.

Creating a painted sky was not easy and quite unintentional. I used the world background and added some procedural textures to it and then in compositing, added more procedural textures in an effort to suggest wind and rain and it came out looking like a water color background, so yey!

Have a great one!!

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