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Why the debate anyway

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, January 30, 2014 Under: The Gospel
Hey all!

I'm very excited to bring you some words from Ken himself as well as some other videos on the topic. As you know, because I've posted on this quite a bit, there is a debate on the 4th of February between Ken Ham from Answers In Genesis and Bill Nye the science guy from the tv show.

Let's here a quick word from both sides:

(Promo Video)

As you can tell, these are two quite polar opposite views and it is clear that I align myself with Ken's side; GOD's Word is final and this is a lot more than just being right about how things came to be, it's about helping people not only see that the Word of GOD is accurate from cover to cover, but that it is a very serious eternal matter. Not one of us has a performance good enough to please GOD. No matter if you were nominated for sainthood a million times and received a nobel peace prize does it matter. All of us have sinned against GOD, WHO owns everything and is KING over everything and as such, we'll all answer to HIM at one point and without the sacrifice JESUS made on the cross, by paying our fine for us, we end up in hell. It is a very real place and by no means a joke or a manner of speaking. It is a prison that was made for the Devil and his angels and if you think that modern prisons are bad, you don't have a clue as to what goes on there. Accept JESUS today as your LORD and SAVIOR, live for HIM. There is no better way to live than for the ONE WHO loved you so much that before you were even here died a horrible death in your place.
Just ask HIM, JESUS, I realize I'm a sinner in desperate condition in drastic need of a savior. I can't save myself, I believe YOU are the SON of GOD and that GOD raised you on the third day! Forgive me, I make YOU my LORD and SAVIOR now I ask that YOU fill me with YOUR HOLY SPIRIT to overflowing, in JESUS Name! Amen!

Now, get a Bible, if you don't have one. If you don't have one, there are various apps to enable you to read for free, like YouVersion, there is TurboBible and of course you can read on BibleGateway as well. Check out Cross Allegiance, find a good Bible believing (not Bible editing) local church and make sure that GOD is first place in your life!

Okay, now, why is this debate then so important? I've covered this in a previous post and above, but what people miss is that the devil is always attempting to use science to discredit GOD's Word, when it is infact, quite the opposite. The Word is always confirmed accurate by science. Evolution is just one of these attempts to discredit GOD and drag people away from salvation. Why? Because the Devil hates you! There is no truth in him, he's the father of lies and will not think twice about running you into the ground if you give him even half a chance! You think the mafia is bad. They're children compared to Satan... If you buy into evolution, you're buying into his plan. There is absolutely no proof that it is real. There is none. Ray Comfort and his team went to the professors in this field and they were dumb-struck. Nothing, not even a shred. Everything they tell you about evolution, except that it's a theory, is a lie.

Check out Evolution VS GOD:

Also, check out this personal word from Ken Ham during The Comfort Zone:

Why Does Life's Origin Matter?

I know that you guys may not all be hearing, and there is a special stream for the hearing impaired as well. You can check some info on that here.

Really, I urge you all that do know CHRIST (including those who just accepted HIM), to pray for Ken as he prepares for this debate, because it is huge! I also urge you to support the AiG and LivingWaters teams in spreading the truth; that GOD's Word is right, JESUS is real and we all need HIM, or we don't make it!

Thank you for still reading and feel free to share this on social networks! Links at the bottom and at the top!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen."
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