This is a bit like an FAQ. While I don't get people asking me many questions over and over,
I would like to explain why I do things a certain way
Why Ogg and PNG?

 For the simple reason that these two formats offer small sizes at high qualities and are royalty-free. While there are more efficient formats out there, these two are what I have peace about using.

Why split your portfolio from your blog?
Because to have everything on one site is too much, especially since I have an online store now too. In order to make sure everything is orderly and accessible, I had to split it into two websites. Others may disagree on this, but there are many links back and forth.
There is no commenting system in place. How can I respond?
Constructive comments are always welcome. You can find a contact page at the top, under about, or you can just click here.
   As for the commenting system being absent; my host does not come with a commenting system and does have a partner program with Disquss. However, I run this site as one human being with a lot of grace from GOD. I simply cannot moderate comments as well as produce all the posts I do.
   If I were to, you would get a lot less content and that is just not acceptable.
Why is GOD everywhere in this site?
As you guys know, I make it no secret that I'm a Christian and follow JESUS. There is no Name under heaven by which man must be saved from sin and the wages of it, death. GOD's will for people is to live to bring HIM Glory and all those statements are just that. Not only that, but if HE didn't show me what to write on, the blog would still only have 1 post, if even, so all the benefit you gain from this site, is a gift from GOD.
Check out Cross Allegiance and get to know JESUS.
(No Christian lives a perfect life,
so don't let people be your standard; it should always be JESUS)
Why aren't you on more social networks?
I am currently only on Facebook, YouTube (Inactive), and Google+. These three are natively supported in Yola's widgets and make it easy to share whenever there is a new blog post or whatever else.
   I am looking into more social networks, so I'll let you know when or if I do add more.
You promote a lot of things from other people. Is there any official affiliation or sponsorship?
No, there is not. I place those links and recommendations as I believe GOD shows me to. That means that, you may have the best site in the world, but it's not gonna show unless GOD tells me to post it and the other way around as well.
   Having said that, those that do enjoy a spot have been used to bring me to a place where i can help other people like yourself, so I have already gained from them quite a bit before they've ever made an appearance here on a free ad.
Why Blender?
For two mainly two reasons; it's free and really powerful!
I was blessed enough to get to study a bit at university, but was called out of that to start this site. During my time there, I learned a lot about open-source and the advantages of it and while having known about Blender a while before, I never got to learn it, until the new interface. Only then did GOD bring enough humility for me to start watching tutorials and I was amazed.
   The UI seems really daunting and it is to a certain extent, but if you consider how vast of a feature set it has and how quick you fly through it once you know it, you would be very protective of it as it is. Still, I'm glad there are plans in the works to improve it even more!
Check out Blender for yourself, here!