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Every channel on YouTube needs a channel trailer. Mine wasn't very long and didn't really show the kind of work that I am used to doing, so this demo reel GOD helped me put together, makes a much better channel trailer as well as being a demo reel! Stop by, subscribe and see what you can learn there! ('c ',)

For more info visit the this blog post.
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Be sure to check out Cross Allegiance. A fantastic ministry!
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Turbo Bible

A friend of mine recently made a fantastic reading and study app called TurboBible. I was blessed enough to be able to test it out and be a part of this and I hope that if you are able, that you would also donate to this and more of his work.

And here is a screenshot.
Also, be sure to check out his home page.

Important Announcement

No one knows the day or the hour, but simply looking around shows it's getting closer and closer everyday.
!!Get prepared or get left!!