Eevee NPR Shaders          

We have been working on special toon shaders for Eevee (Blender 2.8's brand new real-time render engine).
Now, we are very thankful and extremely excited to present them to you.

Scroll down to find out how to use them, where to download and very importantly, why and how!
   In the NPR community, we were all buzzing with excitement with the news of Eevee and how fast it was gonna be and all the exciting rumors about it floating around. We wanted NPR shaders, but at this stage in development, the developers just have too much on their plates - that leaves it up to the community! :)

   Wasili contacted me about us coming up with an NPR solution - in this case that came as a toon shader.

   Witthin a few months, we have a working set of shaders functional with the most used lamp types in Blender; point and sun (others work too).

   We were given the opportunity to make something that now we get to share with you guys!
Wasili on the project, development and goals
Far from perfect, these are the first steps forward!
 - Texture specularity & diffuse
 - Supports Normal and bump maps
 - Light sources are driver located (automatically added on append)
 - Blinn model specularity
 - Phong model specularity
 - Anisotropic-like specularity
 - Flat and smooth shading
 - A UI to simplify use
 - Full YouTube tutorial and update
 - Customizable
 - Rooted in the Diffuse BSDF shader
 - Mixes well with other shaders
 - CC0 - Public Domain
 - v5 -
All Shaders: 
Old Shaders: Blinn Sun and Point, Phong Sun and Point, Anisotropic Sun and Point
Newer Shaders: NPR Diffuse and NPR Specular, Toon Diffuse and Toon Specular

The newer shaders (toon and NPR) don't require any funny drivers and now support sharpness as well.

Lines done with Freestyle
The shaders are all packaged as node groups now, though you still add them as in the tutorial - appending and/or assigning. The features are the same too.
Please remember the files made available to you are entirely at your own risk.
     The New Toon Shaders in Action     

About us

Marius Oberholster
   I am from South Africa and like Wasili, have a very strong leaning towards NPR - for both stylistic and render time reasons. Atm I am working on a big project from GOD called Exodus 7-12, KJV and for that I need the lowest possible render times. With the development of 2.8 and Eevee, the potential to finish faster at possibly an even higher quality, is unquestionable and Wasili's and my common goal of practical render times, was probably what motivated GOD to have us work together on this.
   I cannot thank the LORD JESUS enough for helping us get these  working!! HE certainly chose the best team mate in Wasili for this project!
Wasili Novratidis
   Hi, I live in the Netherlands. I am an enthusiastic fan of NPR art in general and anime in particular. My life goal is to use Blender for an anime production and fully utilize its functionality. Although Blender has lots to offer it is still lacking much on the NPR side of things. The newly developed Eevee/Cycles toon shader is a fine example of what cooperation can achieve for the NPR community. I strongly will commence to thread paths that where closed recently but can be overcome with a joint effort.

Visit Wasili's website at:


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