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Ultimate Glory: I give glory to, acknowledge and remember God the Father of my LORD Jesus Christ for any and all of my skills. He enabled me to do all this and this website belongs to Him. Thank You!

Use UV Unwrapping to
twist Texture 1

- Water -

In this tutorial, I show you how to get water flowing using only procedural textures and UV mapping! Check it out!
Make Human to Anime in Blender

In this tutorial I do take you through the entire process from Make Human to this toon shaded anime look. And I show you how to make a simplified background, so you have a more painterly look.
Anime Style Sea

Ocean Shore

Making an ocean shore is one of the biggest challenges in CG, almost like caustics, but in this tutorial, you get to learn one way of making it! Check it out!!
Ship wake & foam

Learn how to use Dynamic Paint and modifiers to generate wake waves and ocean foam!
Check it out!!
Open Sea

An open sea, though simple, is not as simple as plain toon shading! Learn how to use the ocean modifier in this beautiful way! Check it out!!
Misty Ocean

An open sea still, but the ocean has a way of color shifting and this is just one example. Though simple, it is stunning to set a mood. Check it out!!
Boat wake & foam

A very difficult task, but you will luv how simple this is at the same time!
Check it out!!
Colored Outlines with Freestyle
Blender Render & Cycles

This one covers some of the methods that you can use with Freestyle to get some really amazing and flexible results. This is a must for anyone doing any kind of animation in Blender!!
Uploading Side-by-Side 3D Content

There were no really thorough explanations on how to deal with 3D Side-by-side content after they had removed the tick box... Now, I get to share with you guys the solutions GOD gave me and you'll be amazed how simple it really is! This is a must for every one looking into 3D content creation!
Use UV Unwrapping to twist Texture 2
- Grass and Sun Glare -

In this tutorial, I show you how to make grass using UV Mapping and create the sun glare in the image above! Check it out!
Comic Style in Blender

In this tutorial, I get to show you how to achieve a comic, or graphic novel, style look in Blender. This is ideal for single renders, but should be interesting for animations too. Check it out!
Comic style in Blender thumbnail
Film Look in Blender

In this tutorial, learn how to make your footage have a bit of a nostalgic feel, by making it look like film! A very simple and quick technique that I also show you to make a node in your default project, so you can use it easily later on. Check it out!
Underwater compositing in Blender

A short tutorial, but packs quite a punch. I show you in this one how to achieve an underwater look using Blender's often feared compositor. Do not fear, instruction is here, hahaha. Check it out!
Compositing: Toon shading and Soft Shadows

A great tutorial, born of GOD to help you combine toon shading and smooth shadows. You'll be amazed at how easy it really is! Check it out!
Make Human -
Shoe Flex in Blender

A very quick tip showing you how to fix shoes from Make Human, so they flex, instead of acting like wood. For anyone who has struggled with this issue, this video is a must watch!
Compositing - Glaring Reflections

I have a tutorial for you today!! This one is on glaring items that are in reflections, using the compositor and material index to isolate, glare and add them to the final image. I know this one you'll luv!
Glaring reflections thumbnail
Lip syncing in Blender
(Make Human and Audacity)

In this one, I get to help you guys with lip syncing like GOD helped me. Through HIM using others, HE showed me how to get started, using baked audio and then leading me HIMSELF to finishing it off. I believe this will really help you guys get lip syncing done in a speedy manner!
lip syncing tutorial thumbnail
For Anime in Blender

Cycles Toon Shading
Toon Shading in Cycles

Cycles Render, a render engine built for realism, can surprisingly, give you the exact same look as Blender Render! In this tutorial, I show you how to achieve exactly what you see here.
Advanced Toon Shading
in Cycles

Cycles has great potential for NPR and especially for renders in the style of Blender Render at much greater speeds, because it supports GPU. Find out in this tutorial how to apply toon shading in Cycles in a very proficient manner! Check it out!
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