Here you will find some video pieces that I am personally very proud of and I hope you enjoy as well!
Two Masters
First serious animation, if you will, that incorporates both physics and keyframe animation and some serious compositing. This whole thing was done from scratch and you can find out more by watching it and reading about it here
Some of you may recall the QBT from a while back on this method and this very video was in that post, yes, that's right! -- Unwrapping a fountain!

Made during the time I worked on the Four Seasons images, this one sports the best generated tree I've ever produced through a lot of grace from GOD. The fountain is no exception if you consider the out of the box thinking on making it.

Quick Fish Tank Caustics
This shows a more polished quick method for caustics GOD gave me while writing a book on procedural textures. It was phenomenal!! The initial testing started with the fish schooling video (scroll down) and it works a treat. It still needs some extensive testing in bigger scenes that cross from outside the water to inside.
Sun Glare
Compositing for sunlight is one of the most difficult things I've ever tried and this has so far been the most successful sunlight composite for me.

I am very happy with this result, but just to show you how important compositing really is to adding glare effects, just see the before (render only) and after (render + compositing)
Schooling Fish
This was a test of the boid particle system in Blender. I am very happy with the result!

Additionally, I did a 3D test on it as well with a very cool method GOD gave me on making functional 3D renders from a single angle in blender (Z-pass required) and you can view both here. Red/Cyan Anaglyph glasses needed for the 3D.

Wanna know how? The tutorials page!
3D Demo
A dedicated 3D demo with works specifically designed for 3D viewing.

This video project showed me in extreme clarity both the strengths and the weaknesses of this method, however, I'm still a big fan of it and do believe that for it to improve I need to be able to program for Blender and I just don't have the knowledge. That's right, this 3D method was done without any coding.

Wanna know how? The tutorials page!