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Here you will find the new Video Tutorials page. Already has a single tutorial, but where this differs from the other websites, is you download the tutorial for free.

This puts me ahead of the curve in that you now have the option to watch the videos on various devices that support ogg as well as watch them offline! With the constant online all the time push, this is a refreshing change!

Note: You do need to make sure you have Ogg support installed in order to be able to view this, which can be found here.

Blender Game Engine Tutorials

Blender Game Engine

Unofficial Blender Game Engine tutorials
Other Blender Game Engine tutorials:

There is a dedicated page here on Panther Dynamics specifically to help you learn the Blender Game Engine. It goes to various areas of this website, including the blog and got it's first full PDF tutorials; the one to the left!
Check out the page here or click on the Blender Game Engine link to the top right.

I believe these will bless you and I hope you share that page and this one too, so it'll be beneficial to the entire community too!

Be sure to check out the other tutorials on this page as well!

Quick Blog Tutorials
Quick Blog Tutorials
This is a series of very special small-focus tutorials from the blog on things related to Blender. This includes things like how to make rain splash, how to tie a camera to an object in the Game Engine, Adding Vector Blur to your scenes, modifiers in the graph editor and so much more!!

Really worth a solid checking out!

Texture Baking

This tutorial will help you see how to use the texture baking feature in Blender. This can not only make your renders a bit faster, but it will also help with compatibility among render engines!
 All about textures in this one!
You can download it here!
PDF as usual!

Procedural Textures - An Introduction

This is an introductory tutorial on procedural textures that includes two bonus tutorials on how to apply them practically as you can see above. No photos were used to texture these and neither was any other program then Blander used. Find out how in this fantastic tutorial. I also recommend you getting the first one on Grass if you are so new to Blender you don't know how to save or add materials.

Here you can download it from Google Docs

Two works you can make using this tutorial:

3D with a single render

Giving credit where it's due:

- Blender, LibreOffice

- Most of all, thank YOU JESUS for asking me to write this as well as showing me how to. It rocks!!!

Here is a *.blend you can use as a start-up file, so all your future projects will contain the single node of this 3D effect.

This is one you don't want to miss. Anyone who enjoys 3D may get a kick out of this one.

As you all know, I released an early version of this tutorial and technique, but since then, it has blossomed into something wonderful I can now share with you. While this method is not perfect, it is definitely built for speed.

And yes, it is only done with a single frame's render (not rendering two angles with two cameras). This is the image at the back of this tutorial to show what the effect will do when applied to an existing scene:

PS, I am not aware of any royalties for using anaglyph or stereograms in this way (I have searched online for it), so if there is an issue with this being published, use the contact page and send me a link and I'll check it out. I'm not out to step on toes, only to obey GOD.

For a few examples on this new version, see this blog post.

Quick Tutorials

Lawn Grass.pdf Lawn Grass.pdf
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Water Basics in Blender.pdf Water Basics in Blender.pdf
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To download, just click on the file name below and it should give you a download dialogue, or it will open the PDF. Eitherway works well. Enjoy!

Use the contact page to let me know if there are any issues with the tutorials so they can be fixed and reloaded. Thank you!

Ultimate Glory: I give glory to, acknowledge and remember God the Father of my LORD Jesus Christ for any and all of my skills.
He enabled me to do all this and this website belongs to Him. Thank You!