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Ultimate Glory: I give glory to, acknowledge and remember God the Father of my LORD Jesus Christ for any and all of my skills. He enabled me to do all this and this website belongs to Him. Thank You!

Animation and rigging
 - Parental Rigging
 - Progressive scaling
 - Mouse Control - Scrolling to rotate
 - Keyboard Sensor and Controls
 - Expressions
Interface and use logic
 - Camera object
 - How to make a speedometer
 - Overlay scene communication
 - Keep your shadow on
 - Lamps in BGE
Rendering and effects
 - Colours and transparency in Actions
 - Particles
 - Toon Style Made Simple
 - Volumetrics solution
 - Animated textures
 - Painting sculptural detail
 - Water caustics
 - Actions missing
 - Anti Aliasing activation tip
 - Indefinite falling problem solution
 - UV non-change solution
Animation and Rigging
Parental Rigging
- In this, I show you how to attach your armature to your mesh so it will deform in the game engine.
Progressive scaling
- In this quick tip, I tell you how to tie scaling to an action, to have in-game resize.
Only one way, there's more


Mouse control - Scrolling to rotate
- In this quick one, you see how simple it truly is to setup controls, in this case, scrolling to rotate a cube
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Keyboard Sensor and Controls
- In this one, I show you a trick or two with the keyboard, including realtime typing.


- In this one I cover some expressions and uses for the, you guessed it, expression controller!
Interface and Use Logic

Camera Object
- How to make the camera follow a character or an object.

Overlay Scene Communication
- Overview on how to add scores and other screen information. For a full linking of scenes tutorial, see Speedometer tutorial above.

My first game's on-screen info. Not yet available for download.
- This is a written tutorial showing you how to make a working speedometer/rev-counter.
Keep your shadow on
- Learn how to get the sun parented to your character so you keep your real-time shadows and not rotate the sun
Lamps in BGE
- Learn about lamps, which ones work and how they respond to being inserted via the Edit Object Actuator.
Rendering and effects
- In this one, I get to show you it is possible to put transparency into actions and animate it!
Toon Style Made Simple
- How to make a 2D outline for your characters as well as some examples on ways you can shade them.
- In this advanced PDF, I tell you how to add some particles to your game. Effective and fast!

Add splashes by following this idea. Remember that for this to work, the above tutorial and the Color and Transparency in Actions tutorials are needed.            Go ahead and give it a shot!!

Volumetrics Solution
- How to make volumetrics in the game engine. Not a perfect method by any stretch of the imagination, but better than nothing.

Animated textures
- How to make animated textures for your BGE games (GLSL only)

Painting Sculptural detail
- A quick tip on adding more detail to your characters through normal influence. A tip that applies to rendering too!
Under Water Caustics
- A quick tip on adding under water caustics for whatever under water level your game may have! I placed it under textures, since without them, it's not gonna work scriptlessly.
BGE water caustics example

Actions missing
- How to prevent actions from going lost

Anti-Aliasing activation tip
- I've struggled getting anti-aliasing in the Blender Game Engine and this is what GOD put on my heart to do and bam, works now!
This may very well work with other cards as well. I just have a NVidia myself.

Indefinite falling problem solution
- How to prevent a character or object from falling indefinitely

UV non-change solution
- In this short post, I reveal a way to fix UV unwrapping for  simple shapes and how to make them simple again after the problem is fixed!
Note: Not game engine persay, but definitely applies